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Your own media channel for your business!

Launch your own TV channel or radio station on the Internet with iTeleradio service. Fill your resource with any content and control broadcast at your own discretion.

iTeleradio service will be of a particular interest for:

Brand-managers and advertising agencies

Your trade mark owning a personal media channel is a brilliant and up-to-date advertising solution! iTeleradio service allows you to easily broadcast your business ideas in a convenient audio and video format.You can host the broadcast on your home page or on a partner website, in apps on your customers’ smartphones, or playback on the wide screen.


TV and radio companies

A personal channel on iTeleradio platform is a comfortable format for your news! You will never again miss a single event: news coverage can be broadcast in real time provided the availability of a webcam and Internet access. You can cover even greater regional and federal audience informing them on the things which are never shown on cable or common TV.


Video and audio content owners

Are you creating unique audio and video materials? iTeleradio helps you to easily share them with your audience and profitably monetize your content. Not only can you create your own internet channel but also customize it and sell its subscription along with electronic tickets. Is a participant to your webinar stuck in traffic jam?



State power bodies

The authorities should be up-to-date! iTeleradio offers a comfortable and progressive way of arranging a united press-room. Employees of various divisions can work with broadcasting and program system, add and distribute audio and video materials in real time.


Owners of restaurant and shop chains

Today business hardly exists only offline. Any respectable enterprise has a website and actively adopt advertising opportunities of the Internet. Rather often the owners cannot combine real and virtual promotion in a due way. iTeleradio service will become a progressive and handy tool for uniting all meeting places with your consumers.


Sites owners

They say, men love with their eyes. The same can be said about a modern internet-user. Actual video and audio content became much more popular than longread long ago. iTeleradio offers a way of creating radio stations and TV based on playlists and direct broadcasting from user’s devices, which is innovative for Internet.