Introducing ITELERADIO

1.1 About iTeleRadio

iTeleradio – is internet-radio and internet-TV in a convenient format.

While users of social networks and video hosting are lost in a galore of audio and video records, our service allows to create a single stream and to carry an interesting content directly to each and every user.

Every channel owner has their own personal broadcasting studio, players’ codes and links to organized streams where actual material is uploaded through web-interface and author’s playlists are created. The service provides wide opportunities: you can place your player on your own or your partners’ sites, playback the best video on plasma screen, or impress your customers turning your sale outlets into a single sound space.

iTeleradio never sleeps: our channels work in real-time mode twenty-four/seven and can be loaded to any Android and iOS devices.

The service provides both a convenient internet-broadcasting service and support: channel owners get broadcasting schedules issued for the bodies that are authorized to manage copyright and allied rights (RAO, RFA, VOIS).

      1.2 ITELERADIO capabilities

Smart blocks

A smart block is a set of audio tracks and video files added from a library according to specified criteria. The system enables you to create two types of smart blocks:

  1. Static smart block is a smart block that enables both criteria recording and immediate file adding while being saved. It allows for editing and viewing the block in the library before it is added to the program. 
  2. Dynamic smart block is a smart block that enables only criteria recording while being saved. The block content is generated automatically on adding the block to the program. 

Program calendar

Program calendar enables planning the schedule of broadcasting a playlist with files, and editing the program content online.

  • User-friendly interface is very similar to Google calendar.
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly viewings.
  • Setting up the programs’ repeating daily, weekly, and EOW.
  • Unique colour code for every program.
  • Recording a show in live or pass-through mode.

Media constructor

«Teleradio» studio enables to drag audio and video files from the library directly to the playlist. The playlist is built of the program blocks. Once created, the playlist can be used again if required.

  • Interactive interface allows to drag and drop media files.
  • A full control of switch on/off points for tracks and playlists!
  • Editing and viewing metadata in a browser window.
  • Loading option for easy editing and shared usage.
  • Automatic cut for the programs that exceed the specified time limits.

DJ control

Control the whole team of your radio station. «Teleradio» studio offers advanced user management that enables the staff hierarchy for the access to broadcasting slot.

  • The option to allow one or several DJs choosing the slot for a program.
  • Possibility to give a user all the rights to control a radio station.
  • Centralizing and control over your personnel contacts.
  • Intuitive search and adding the programs.
  • Every user can control their uploads and downloads.

Live broadcasting

«Teleradio» enables live broadcast with the option to modify the playlist and incoming stream without interrupting the broadcast. On the page “On Air” you can drag media files if you need to change the priority of a live broadcast. Stream retranslation means including the incoming streams from telephone into the live broadcast or live DJ broadcasting. A program can be set up for record, to switch the records at a time specified. 

      1.3 Who is ITELERADIO service meant for.

   Brand-managers and advertising agencies

Your trade mark owning a personal media channel is a brilliant and up-to-date advertising solution! iTeleradio service allows you to easily broadcast your business ideas in a convenient audio and video format. You can host the broadcast on your home page or on a partner website, in apps on your customers’ smartphones, or playback on the wide screen. Trade area can sound in a dramatically different way if you tune all outlets of the network to a single wave. The broadcast created with the service will match your purposes to the fullest extent: you can add advertising blocks or organize auto-repeats.

Advertising impact on the audience is similar to that of FM radio and TV, active audience is added from 8 am to midnight. Channels work 24/7 online in real time. Due to a wide use of mobile internet, customers can stay on your channel getting the information about new offers from their smartphones. 

  TV and radio companies

A personal channel on iTeleradio platform is a comfortable format for your news! You will never again miss a single event: news coverage can be broadcast in real time provided the availability of a webcam and Internet access. You can cover even greater regional and federal audience informing them on the things which are never shown on cable or common TV.

iTeleradio is very comfortable: we offer a single file storage enabling broadcasting remote journalists from other TV channels.

We offer a comfortable work format for your team: multiuser mode allows editors, journalists, and advertising planners to jointly administer the content.

TV channel is supplied in a highly professional (customizable) graphical shell showing cutoff, caption and everything need for a full-fledged broadcasting 24/7 — now you can create really eye-catching news! 

  Video and audio content owners

Are you creating unique audio and video materials? iTeleradio helps you to easily share them with your audience and profitably monetize your content. Not only can you create your own internet channel but also customize it and sell its subscription along with electronic tickets. Is a participant to your webinar stuck in traffic jam? Now they can listen to the lecture inside their car — it is enough to access Internet and connect with the channel. You can work online or choose any other time for your broadcasting — iTeleradio allows people of virtually all countries watch it!

The service is really crucial for musicians, movie producers, lecturers, business coaches, and  promoters of concerts or sport events who want to broadcast their ideas, projects, and opuses in a comfortable and modern format.

 State power bodies

The authorities should be up-to-date! iTeleradio offers a comfortable and progressive way of arranging a united press-room. Employees of various divisions can work with broadcasting and program system, add and distribute audio and video materials in real time. Program schedule can be edited from any place with Internet access available. Escalated priority for a press-attache of a department or for any other responsible specialist allows to facilitate the program approval process to the highest extent.

Besides, the service allows you to get even closer to citizens, broadcasting important events in real time. On launching audio and video players on your website, any user can timely get reports and news from the first source. 

  Owners of restaurant and shop chains.

Today business hardly exists only offline. Any respectable enterprise has a website and actively adopt advertising opportunities of the Internet. Rather often the owners cannot combine real and virtual promotion in a due way. iTeleradio service will become a progressive and handy tool for uniting all meeting places with your consumers. Now you can find the right words in every situation. Internet-radio will help the customer to make a choice right in the moment of buying, and TV will clearly demonstrate the advantages of your product. Showrooms, websites, internet-stores will become a single broadcasting area where your customers will get advertising and entertaining information in real time.

The service is very handy: now you can control copyright and allied rights and provide the data on the author’s works usage to certain organizations from a single place, making a ready monthly report.

ITeleradio is a fresh solution for your business!

 Sites owners

They say, men love with their eyes. The same can be said about a modern internet-user. Actual video and audio content became much more popular than longread long ago. iTeleradio offers a way of creating radio stations and TV based on playlists and direct broadcasting from user’s devices, which is innovative for Internet.

Your video and audio will get more and more hits due to wide hosting capacities of our players. Channels are available on any modern information device: laptop, tablet, plasma panel, Android- or iOS-based smartphone. By the way, Apple users will be pleasantly surprised to know that they don’t have to pay for files: they can watch and listen to our broadcasts just pressing the «Play» button.