Instruction on start broadcasting Internet radio

If you want to establish internet fm-radio broadcasting, use iTeleradio service. Every user is provided with “Broadcast studio” with wide range of options:

  • Calendar software – planning broadcasting schedule for radio stations. Distributing programs according to the broadcasting time, setting time intervals in the schedule, multi-user mode for planning the list of program playback.
  • User access – distributing access rights between managers and DJs.
  • Remote control. Managing audio archive, uploading files, making playlists, creating radio programs, editing broadcast schedule in the calendar and playback are available via web browser. Radio station can be control from any computer connected with the Internet.
  • JQuery Vidgets. Inline vidgets enable integrating radio station content into a site or blog.
  • SoundCloud integration.
  • Program record and broadcasting. Option to record and broadcast the show automatically in the future.
  • Scheduled broadcasting. Predefined list of radio shows can be broadcasted in automatic mode for many hours.
  • Precise playback. iTeleradio uses Liquidsoap for greater stability and smoother transitions, sound amplification and attenuation and option to set input and output mark for separate files with one second precision.
  • Broadcasting studio supports MP3, Ogg formats.


What is required to start broadcasting?

First you should upload files to your library. Select the tab «Add Media».

Uploaded files will be shown in the open block.

Click «Add files» in the left bottom corner. Select necessary files in the open window. You can also add several files dragging them to the browser window.

When the files are shown in the list the button «Start upload» will be active. Click this button and the files will be uploaded from the list to your broadcasting studio library. Wait until the progress bar near each files in the field «Status» becomes 100%.

Having uploaded all files you should create the broadcast program to start broadcasting. You can do it in the tab «Calendar».

Calendar displaying created programs will open. You can set display of all programs per month, week or day selecting the respective item in the upper right corner of the calendar.


To create the broadcast program select the tab «+ Show».

Time of sign-on and close-down is set in the section « When», if you select the item « Re-peats», the created program will be re-run provided the rest on-air time is free. In the section «Style» you can set the background and text colour to show the program in the calendar blocks. To choose background and text colour you should place the cursor in the proper field and left click on it. Having filled in all the fields click the button «+Add this Show » and the created program will be displayed in the calendar on the scheduled date. 
















 Now you should fill the created program with the proper content. Go to the tab «Now Playing».

Two blocks are displayed in the tab Now Playing. The left block shows all programs created by you. To find a certain file you want to add to the created program you can search it by name. In the right block you can sort the programs by date, you should enter its broadcasting date in the upper field to find the required program.

Right block shows the list of all programs by the selected date as well as the content thereof.

«Program 1 » is the name of the program (which was entered when created in the calendar), and below all the materials broadcasted in « Program 1» are shown.

To add files for broadcasting there you should select necessary files in the left block and drag them to the right block with the left mouse button.

After that the files will be shown in the right block in the selected program. You can set up the order of playback for the files dragging the materials with higher priority up and those with the lower priority down.

You can see what is being broadcasted clicking the button «Now playing».

If you want to delete dome material from the program, you can do it in the right block in the tab «Now Playing».

You should select the required files and click  . In this case the files will remain in the library but they won’t be on air. Later on those files can be added to other programs dragging them from the library (left block0 to the program schedule (right block).