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About iTeleradio.Ru

iTeleradio is internet-radio and internet-TV in a convenient format.

While users of social networks and video hosting are lost in a galore of audio and video records, our service allows to create a single stream and to carry an interesting content directly to each and every user.

Every channel owner has their own personal broadcasting studio, players’ codes and links to organized streams where actual material is uploaded through web-interface and author’s playlists are created. The service provides wide opportunities: you can place your player on your own or your partners’ sites, playback the best video on plasma screen, or impress your customers turning your sale outlets into a single sound space.

iTeleradio never sleeps: our channels work in real-time mode twenty-four/seven and can be loaded to any Android and iOS devices.

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Engage Your Audience with sponsorship integrations on Web Pages with iTeleradio-webplayer.
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