What do you need to launch internet radio

iTeleradio service easily allows to launch internet radio broadcasting 24/7 nationwide or even worldwide. Private radio channel will bring new clients as well as make the brand credibility stronger. PRVmedia is the first Russian company which gives the opportunity for common users to set up professional internet radio. ITeleradio service has a user-friendly interface for downloading and sorting out information in a simple way. Audio player can be set straight on the web site or it is possible to broadcast both live and on tape delay over the corporate radio.

Who will be interested in the service

1. Radio stations and news portals.

Different team members can simultaneously contribute to the creation of an online radio. Each company member has access to the portal so they can work not only in the office but at any convenient place.
2. Musicians, deejays, group of musicians.

Private radio station is prestigious. It can boost popularity and attract new fans.
3. Trading networks and stores.

ITeleradio service will allow to set up an online radio which covers the whole trade network. Thus the company will have a chance to clients updated with the information about sales and special offers.

The pros of iTeleradio

  • Easy to launch, minimum of investments, short pay-off period.
  • 3 modes of broadcast: live, on tape delay, user’s personal playlist.
  • User friendly interface. No need to undergo long learning process to create a radio. All you need is to read the accurate step-by-step manual. As easy as a pie – just try it!