What do you need to start Internet TV and broadcast live

You will benefit from iTeleradio if you are:

  • Chain stores, private companies, different types of enterprises. The service allows to start a corporate internet-channel and air videos on all the monitors throughout the whole chain.
  • Teachers, mentors, bloggers offering unique content. The iTeleradio platform gives you an opportunity to sort out the content in order to make it more attractive and useful for users. Lucrative ways of monetizing will allow you to get the profit.
  • Television and radio companies, news portals, authorities. In case you already have your own site, the service will make your site complete. In the recent years people have stopped watching TV. Internet TV is going to take its place eventually but the efficient services will help you to keep your target group.
  • The pros of the iTeleradio

    1. It is easy, cheap and safe to create online TV with iTeleradio service which proved to be successful and secure since 2012.
    2. Everyone can broadcast live every possible content from every corner of the world. You can monetize too with the service. ( paid subscription and commercials )
    3. You have a wide range of broadcasting modes: live, on tape delay, user’s personal playlist.

    It is as easy as a pie to start your live right now!

    All you need is to read the accurate step-by-step manual. If you have any questions, contact us.